Why use themindspace selection?

We are Psychologists who understand ministry and mission

The Managing Director of themindspace selection (Greg Powell) has been an active member of his local church for longer than he can remember.  His masters-level research focused on using the National Church Leadership Survey data to better understand the link between burnout and depression within clergy, and in particular, the impact of setting boundaries in preventing the progression from burnout to clinical depression.  All of our team at themindspace selection also work individually with clients in a therapy context, with a high percentage of our clients being people involved in church leadership.  Greg is a registered ministry supervisor for a number denominations and is also frequently consulting with faith-based agencies and organisations around issues of complex leadership difficulties, concerns about unhealthy relationships or leadership styles, as well as increasing well-being within ministry contexts.

We are experienced in this work

themindspace selection has been involved in this type of assessment work with faith-based agencies and organisations for over 30 years.  During this time we have been working with many organisations, some of these including the following:

Anglican Diocese of Sydney

Anglican Diocese of Armidale

Anglican Diocese of Canberra/Goulburn

Presbyterian Church of Australia (NSW)

The Uniting Church of Australia

The Association of Baptist Churches (NSW and the ACT)

The Reformed Church of Australia

Pioneers Australia

Serving in Mission


Church Missionary Society

Global Interaction

International Nepal Fellowship

We are psychologists with a passion for assessment

Within the field of psychology there are many areas of sub-specialisation.  While most people tend to think of psychologists as being people who provide counselling and therapy (and indeed most psychologists do this type of work), there are also psychologists who also specialise in areas related to assessment and report-writing.  Our team at themindspace selection consists of psychologists with a passion for assessment and the process of collecting data and being able to present this data in a way that is easily accessible by others.  Out team are also highly trained in test interpretation and clinical interviewing skills, ensuring that we are utilising industry standard tests and providing completed psychological reports that are of a very high quality.

We are passionate about using our skills to support faith-based organisations

Over the years there has unfortunately been some tension between psychology and faith.  Historically this has sometimes resulted in faith-based organisations and agencies not engaging with external psychological agencies, or utilising their own internal resources and services.  It is our belief that neither of these are healthy options.  As highly trained psychologists, our team have all sat through many lectures and tutorials in universities where faith has not been spoken of positively.  However, we have also persevered and have completed our qualifications while maintaining a strong commitment to our faith and communities.  As a result, we also believe the there is knowledge and skills that we have learned that can be beneficial for our church communities.  We are passionate about mental health and healthy conversations.  We are also passionate about using our skills to support our churches and other faith-based organisations 


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