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For the past decade themindspace has been at the forefront of psychological screening and assessment for faith-based agencies and organisations in Australia.  As well as providing these services to mainline denominations within Australia, themindspace has also been engaged in providing similar services to NGO and mission-based agencies operating internationally.  As an organisation, themindspace is committed to utilising current best-practice models and resources, combined with a personal understanding of the unique aspects of working within faith-based agencies and organisations.

Our Process

The starting point for this process is a conversation with an organisation or agency during which the specific needs and requirements are identified.  As a result of our training and experience in this area we are able to draw on previous experience while also being flexible and adaptive in meeting specific needs.  Our aim is to understand the need and then design and build the assessment process and reports that will meet the need.  Once this process has been designed and built to your needs, then individuals from your organisation are easily able to access the process as required.


initial contact

When an assessment is required all you need to do is direct the individuals undergoing the assessment to us.  From the point they make contact with us our staff are able to walk them through the process, ensuring that  the final report is recceived by your organisation within the required time-frame.


completion of online testing

The initial phase of the assessment invovles the individual completing a series of online tests.  results from these tests are sent directly to the psychologist completing the assesment report.  


completion of interview

As part of the assessment process the individual completes a one-hour interview with a psychologist.  This interview can be completed face-to-face or via video-conferencing depending on the geographical location of the individual.  


Interview and testing data review 

Once the interview and online testing has been completed then the resulting data is reviewed by our team of expert assessors.  This interactive and collaborative team process enables us to ensure we are providing an exceptionally high quality product as well as increasing the reliability and validity of our findings and recommendations.


completion of formal psychological report

Following the review of the data, a formal report is completed.  This report contains relevant background information for the individual, a summary of the test results, and a series of recommendations tailored to their potential role and context.  

Why should you use themindspace selection for your staff selection and screening?


find out more...

If you have been requested to complete a psychological assessment with us then please complete and submit the form below and we will contact you to commence the process.  Thank You.

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