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Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

Stress has been identified as the biggest cause of workplace absence, and non-work-related stress, anxiety and depression are the most common causes of long-term absence.

With 31% of employee performance problems due to personal or relationship issues, managing mental health in the workplace is becoming increasingly important.

themindspace provides Employee Assistance Programs that can support your staff through challenging personal or professional times. As a result of our programs, you will have a more robust, engaged and productive workforce.

We specialise in working with educational organisations but can work with any business to support the mental health of its staff.

Mental Health & the Workplace


It has been found that:

  • An estimated 1 in 5 working-age Australians will experience a mental illness at some stage in their life.
  • Each employee with untreated depression will cost their organisation an estimated $9,660 per year.
  • Managing mental health in the workplace is recognised as a key component of business risk-management strategy.

With this in mind, a small investment in an Employee Assistance Program can save your organisation or school thousands of dollars.

Our team is highly empathetic and caring, while being results-focused and endeavouring to help teachers and professionals achieve positive results.

An EAP that meets your needs


Our EAP program has been developed under the following principles:

EAP Modules

themindspace EAP is structured into modules in order to provide a higher level of flexibility for organisations and schools.

This enables leaders and executives to decide which modules will best meet the needs of their workforce.​

EAP Flexibility

themindspace provides flexible EAP solutions for organisations and schools with specific needs.

We recognise that not all work environments are the same and, therefore, there is not one single EAP model that can meet the demands of all organisations.

By using a modular and customisable approach to the provision of Employee Assistance Program services, we can focus on ensuring that the provided service is designed to meet the unique demands of your organisation.

If we do not have a service that meets the specific needs of your school or organisation, we are open to engaging in dialogue and developing new tailored services.

Education Industry Understanding

Our management team have a particular passion for working with schools, having previously worked within a variety of educational settings, as well as having significant experiences with providing psychological and educational services to a number of organisations.

This enables us to understand the experience of staff working in schools, being sensitive to the unique demands that come with working in educational settings.

Building Communities

themindspace team believes in the value of building healthy and effective communities, and therefore the need to be prepared to invest in community relationships.

For this reason, we are dedicated to being a ‘niche’ EAP provider. We partner with school communities so we can learn about the community and ensure we are providing relevant and productive services.

Employee Assistance Program: General Counselling
(Core Module)

The General Counselling Module of your EAP can be provided on an annual fee basis or on an as-needed basis.

The Module allows for staff (permanent part-time and full-time) and their immediate family to access an initial three sessions with a psychologist, with the session fee being covered by the school or employer.

Any ongoing sessions are provided at a reduced fee, which is covered by the staff-member unless negotiated with the school or business EAP coordinator.

Critical Incident Consultation

When a highly stressful or life-threatening event occurs within a school community or business, it is reassuring to have access to experienced clinicians and consultants who are able to support the existing welfare staff and structures, ensuring that evidence-based processes are being implemented.

Consultants within themindspace EAP are experienced at consulting with schools and businesses on a variety of challenging and significant events.

Management and Leadership Supervision for Schools & Faith-Based Organisations

Leadership roles within schools and places of worship can often place significant stress and pressure on those in senior positions as they work to support students, families, and staff while also being involved in strategic decision-making processes.

Traditionally, supervision within these institutions has been an ‘internal process’, with a general focus on the tasks associated with leadership as opposed to a broader approach to supervision that focuses on the development of the individual person.

themindspace EAP has provided professional supervision to leaders within many schools and faith-based organisations. We are able to draw on experience as registered supervisors with the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) and incorporate strengths-based positive-psychology approaches to leadership development.

Training and Development Seminars

themindspace provides seminars and training events for staff teams across a variety of mental health and well-being related areas.

Our team are highly experienced presenters and are regularly engaged to give presentations at schools, faith-based organisations and other businesses.

Contact us for more information.

Our Values

As a niche EAP provider, themindspace is focused on delivering customised EAP solutions that are guided by the values of:

  • Flexibility
  • Understanding
  • Community

As such, we would welcome the opportunity to engage in discussions about specific areas of need or EAP requirements for your workplace.