Our presenters are highly skilled and experienced, delivering engaging seminars and training events that are always well received.

Stress management and burnout prevention

  • This seminar is aimed at providing science-based skills and approaches for reducing and managing stress levels. It has been well-received by community groups as well as corporate groups.

Empowering Parents

  • Greg Powell has been presenting seminars on parenting for many years. He has a humorous and encouraging approach with parents, focusing on positive change building confidence within parents. His work as a clinical child psychologist also provides him with insight into some of the more challenging aspects of parenting.

Working with Children and Adolescents

  • This seminar has been delivered to organisations working with children, addressing specific issues such as grief in children, understanding how children process information, and effectively supporting children through transitions.

Mental-Health First-Aid

  • Supporting and understanding people suffering from mental health in our families and communities can sometimes be confronting. This seminar aims to equip people with an evidence-based and supportive approach to helping people who suffer with a variety of mental health conditions, clearly outlining what is helpful and what is unhelpful.

Growing beyond Trauma and Abuse

  • Significant trauma and abuse can often result in ongoing areas of personal struggle. However, there is hope! Post-traumatic growth is an area of current research that helps to understand how people can move through trauma and even become stronger than they were before. THis seminar offers keys to understanding trauma and what can help to stimulate continued growth.

How hard can it be? – Preparing Young Couples for Parenthood

  • Most couples attend prenatal education courses prior to the borth of their first child. However, this traditionally has a very medical and ‘hospital’ oriented approach. The ‘How hard can it be?’ seminar takes an early intervention and prevention approach to parenting, helping young couples to set healthy foundations for raising children, learning to support one another and begin the process of building a positive family unit, preventing the need for later intervention.

Strengths-Based Leadership & Team Development

  • Building and managing teams can be challenging. This seminar seeks to provide a framework for understanding and working within a team, building self-insight and offering strategies for developing and working with those around you.

Managing the HSC

  • a unique and interactive seminar for Year 11 and 12 students focusing on the current research related to studying, managing stress, and getting the most out of the HSC experience.


  • This unique seminar involves a selected mix of teaching and practical work, the focus being to equip people to improve their ability to engage in relaxation. There are numerous benefits to being an ‘active relaxer’ and this seminar aims to give people exposure to different types of relaxation, helping them to build relaxation strategies into their busy lives.

Customized seminars

  • The clinicians at themindspace enjoy a challenge and have often been asked to prepare and deliver seminars on a variety of more focused and specialised topics. These have included:
    • Suicide prevention and intervention
    • Pastoral support for couples
    • Psychological Assessment for employment selection

Our training modules can be fully customized to deliver your group the most beneficial outcomes in your environment.