Why listening is powerful

Have you ever been in a conversation where you’ve felt ignored by someone who is distracted by another conversation, or worse yet, their darn phone? How does it make you feel? Pretty unimportant, I’d say. I’m sure you had the same

My story

My name is ‘Sally’. This is my story of how I ended up seeing a psychologist, even though I didn’t want to. It all began with a whole heap of stress caused by family conflict, full-on financial stress and a

Boundaries and kids

There’s so much advice around parenting these days that it would make any person’s head spin. From controlled crying and co-sleeping for babies to freerange and helicopter parenting – is there really one ‘right’ way to bring up a kid?

7 ways to reclaim joy!

Our world can be a difficult place to thrive in. Each day we’re faced with terrible stories on the news, sickness and conflict in our communities and then there’s our own brokenness to deal with. With all this darkness around

Can’t you control your child?

We’ve all been there – the middle of a shopping centre, restaurant or playground and your child loses the plot. But what happens when you’re a child psychologist and parenting expert? How do you respond? Read themindspace’s Greg Powell’s story. 

Kids & school lockdowns

Many schools across Australia have had an unsettled start to the year with unprecedented lockdowns and evacuations due to a number of threats. This experience has not only been disruptive but has caused distress for adults and children. So how do we

Am I a good parent?

As the school year and all kid-centred activities kick off, it’s tempting to look at other parents and feel inadequate in so many ways. But our Child Psychologist, Greg Powell, has other ideas!  I am increasingly concerned about the pressure that