Guided Relaxation Audiobook (MP3 Downloads)


Christians also experience anxiety and stress in their lives. These resources are intended to provide assistance for these common areas of difficulty. These resources have been developed for Christians who find themselves in this area of struggle and who are looking for help. The techniques that we include here are not the answer in the sense that they will fix everything. But they are tools that derive from literally hundreds of research studies, all showing that the skill of relaxation is a useful component in learning to manage anxiety and stress symptoms and, thus, day-to-day life, more healthily.

Part 1 answers commonly asked questions that Christians have to do with the experience of anxiety and stress.

Part 2, we introduce you to a specific breath-focused relaxation technique.

Part 3, makes use of some specific Scripture meditations as a vehicle for learning to relax more.

Part 4 makes use of guided imagery to help you begin to experience the reality of God’s sovereign control over the circumstances of your life,

Part 5 a peaceful guided imagery.

Part 6, a progressive muscle relaxation exercise


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