From Woe to Go
From Woe to Go

From Woe To Go


Published: 2/5/2014
Pages: 356
ISBN: 978-1-45251-269-3
Print Type: B/W

What does Christian counselling mean? How does it differ from Christian psychology, Christian psychiatry, or even pastoral care? From Woe to Go! focuses on the vocation of counseling conducted within an evangelical Christian worldview, with Christian principles as its driving force.
This guide seeks to integrate a comprehensive counselling model for Christian counsellors, a detailed skills-training program, and an extensive incorporation of spiritual resources. An inclusive training tool, it outlines a three-stage model for Christian counsellors and professionals who want to integrate their faith with their professional work. For those who seek to enhance their skills, it also introduces and explains Incarnational Counselling, an approach that emphasizes the priority of exhibiting the presence of Christ in the counselling process.

Authors Graham Barker, PsyD, and Clifford Powell, PhD, bring more than fifty years of clinical experience and graduate counsellor training to their groundbreaking guide, incorporating sound theory, practical skills, and unique spiritual resources available to followers of Jesus seeking to minister in the counselling arena.

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From Woe To Go


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