My name is ‘Sally’. This is my story of how I ended up seeing a psychologist, even though I didn’t want to. It all began with a whole heap of stress caused by family conflict, full-on financial stress and a couple of kiddos. This all lead me down the path of depression – something I had never thought I’d suffer from because I was ‘tough’, strong and a pretty private person.

But one day, after yet another deep and meaningful conversation with a very close friend the truth quite literally burst out of my eyes. The stress had caused the blood vessels in my eyes to, I guess, explode! I had crazy red eyes and my dear friend pointed out that perhaps it was time to see a professional someone. And seeing that my finances were dire, my amazing friend handed me a $50 note with a string tied around it and said “This is the only string attached to this money, please use it to talk to someone!” That’s friendship in action right there!

So with trembling hands I made the phone call and soon found myself on a lounge in a room, facing a friendly but professional psychologist face! I nearly ran out but it was the best investment of my life. Over the next few weeks I cried, I shared stuff I would have never told a complete stranger. I had amazing breakthroughs because she was brilliant! She saw through my ‘pleasant’ external demeanour and she was very kind with the things I had to work on. Most of all I discovered she was my champion and gave me skills I have used almost every day! And these skills I have passed on to other friends who have similar struggles – as well as the encouragement to not be afraid to see a ‘professional’.

Am I 100% perfect now? No, never but I’m ok with that. I’ve grown up, I’ve faced my demons and I’ll keep working on them every day and that’s fine with me. I now have the skills to cope better with stress and the people in my life. Which is great for them and for me! I highly recommend getting help if you need it. Find someone you click with, the right professional to see you through.

Disclaimer: ‘Sally’ is not a past client of themindspace

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