The staff at themindspace are all experienced in conducting assessment interviews and delivering formal psychological reports to ensure your organization or company gets the required outcome.

Pre-Employment Assessment

Assessment and report writing are becoming increasingly important for today’s organizations and employers as they seek to better understand and develop their employees. Staff at themindspace have may years experience in conducting pre-employment assessment, helping a variety of organisations to employ the right people for the role. These assessments are tailor-made for each organisation, ensuring that the reports are highly relevant and user-friendly.

Cross cultural suitability for overseas staff

Staff at themindspace have had significant involvement in working with organisations that provide welfare and aid to developing countries. This has also involved presenting at international conferences for mission-based groups, NGO’s and Aide organisations. We currently conduct psychological assessments for a number of these organisations, specifically focused on assessing the suitability of individuals for placement in an overseas working context.

Diagnostic Assessment

All clinicans at themindspace are experienced at conducting diagnostic assessments. Using a variety of current and robust psychological tests, as well as diagnostic interviews, we work to provide accurate and informative assessments that, most importantly, inform effective therapeutic treatment.

Educational Assessment

Greg Powell is an experienced child clinical psychologist, as well as having worked for many years as a school teacher. He has strong assessment skills and aims to provide assessment reports that bring clarity to often difficult and confusing situations, also providing guidance for therapeutic intervention. Greg seeks to create assessment reports that balance strong clinical work with an understanding that:

  • All children are unique
  • All children have strengths
  • All children need to be loved and supported