Following on from last week’s post on men and mental health, aptly called ‘Big boys ask for help’, I thought I’d look at some of the signs of depression. Sometimes you just have a bad run of it, you can feel stressed and a little bit down but does that mean you’re depressed?

Although these can vary somewhat, here are 10 general signs to look out for in yourself or a loved one.

1. Withdrawing

This could mean not going out at all or avoiding close family or friends. If you know someone who is spending an unusual amount of time at home, maybe it’s time to check up on them.

2. Alcohol /sedative abuse

If someone you know is relying on a drink to get them by or a sedative to get them to sleep, this could be a sign that all is not ok.

3. Scattered thinking

A person suffering from depression may have lost the ability to concentrate on a task or in a conversation. They may seem scattered and constantly distracted.

4. Inability to finish tasks

Molehills may look like mountains to a person suffering from depression. This results in unfinished tasks that they would usually finish without any trouble.

5. Lethargy

Have you noticed your loved one (or yourself) struggling with energy lately? This is always a sign that something in the body (or mind) isn’t working properly and professional advice is needed.

6. Changed appetite

This is another sign that something is wrong, either mentally or physically. A reduction in appetite that’s unusual or a sudden burst of over-eating may signify a change in their mental health.

7. Weight

Have you or a loved one recently and dramatically lost or gained weight? This is another general sign that something may be wrong.

8. Sleep issues

Struggling to fall asleep, or to stay asleep? Get it checked out, talk to a professional – help is always available.

9. Overwhelming emotions

Are you struggling with feelings of guilt, frustration, sadness or low confidence and can’t seem to handle it as well as you used to? It always helps to talk about these things, not let it build up.

10. Indecision

If fairly simple decisions are overwhelming or seem impossible to make, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional and get checked up!

Depression checklist

If any of these points cause you concern for yourself or someone else, head over to Beyond Blue and complete their confidential checklist. Or feel free to make an appointment with one of our caring Psychologists!

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