We all feel a little low sometimes, whether it’s because of hard things going on in our lives or because of the food we’re eating. Did you know that alcohol, processed food and refined sugar can all make you feel a bit down? So what ‘should’ you eat to give yourself more energy and help you to feel positive? Here’s a handy list!

1. Fish

High in omega-3 fatty acids  are good for your brain and may help with feelings of depression.

2. Eggs

Good ole eggs have the choline nutrient that can boost your mood!

3. Multigrain bread

Low-GI carbs help regulate blood glucose ultimately helping with energy and mood

4. Dark chocolate

Yep good, dark chocolate has heaps of antioxidants so it’s healthy and makes you feel happy!

5. Seaweed

A weird one but with its high levels of iodine, seaweed can increase energy and therefore, mood.

6. Legumes

Soy, kidney beans and the like contain slowly digested carbs that make you feel more positive.

7. Red meat

If you’re low in iron, you’re going to feel run-down, tired and perhaps a bit blue.

8. Greek yoghurt

A bowl of yoghurt has probiotics bacteria that can reduce depressive feelings.

9. Oranges and papaya

High in Vitamin B6 & folic acid – effective mood boosters in those suffering from depression.

10. Green leafy vegetables

What’s not to love about super-healthy greens? Just like fish, these superfoods are packed with omega-3 that has been shown to be an epic mood-booster.

I think we can tell when we’ve eaten the ‘wrong’ thing – you feel heavy, a bit down, perhaps and not a happy camper. Food has more influence on our mental health than we realise! Give it a go and shake up your diet a bit and see how you feel.

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